Corky Corrado never intended to be a metal sculptor.   In fact, metal was a medium that was more suited to his endeavors in commercial construction.    However, Corky's enduring fascination with gardens and nature led him to merge his trade with his creative skills.   His passion for art, combined with his unique ability to work with metal, allowed Corky to perfect his craft for creating metal gardens.  

Being self-taught, Corky's art is more than sculpture — it is an amazing reflection of nature.   His flowers emanate an earthy quality, capturing the delicate softness and intricate design of petals as though they were nature's own.   His animal forms possess the grace and poise of an animal resting in the garden or nestled among flora in the landscape. 

Corky's sculptures are a collaboration of his love for the outdoors and his rare talent to design metal into a delicate lifelike flower or animal form.   His metal art functions in any environment, whether perched among rhododendrons in a city park, or mounted on a granite stand indoors.  No two pieces are exactly alike in style or stature.

Corky lives in Plattsburgh, NY with his wife, Roseanne, a native to the area.  His work has been featured in Plattsburgh's prestigious Museum Garden Tour.  He has been commissioned by local businesses to create unique designs.  The city of Plattsburgh commissioned him to create a lakeside sculpture garden.  Corky's sculptures have been on display at the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts in Plattsburgh, NY.  Several pieces have also been submitted to the American Craft Council.

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